Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whatever You Do, Do Not Turn Around

In spirit of a quick approaching Halloween, I decided to divulge a frightful event that happened to me when I was only about 12 years old.

I had gone to visit my grandparents in Peru (yes, I am Peruvian) to spend my summer there, and during that time my other cousins had gone to visit my grandparents as well. From time to time my grandparents would go entertain themselves in the casino, which exists on every damn corner of Peru.

One night, my grandparents decided to take me and my cousin out for some fun, but it all ended too quickly when they decided to go to the casino for a few minutes, leaving my cousin and I in the car.It was a nice night out, but of course I was stuck in the car with a 6 year old, who had nothing better to do than to bother my very existence. As I waited for my grandparents to return to the car, I decided to talk to my cousin, which required me to turn my back to the side window.
Forgetting all too quickly that I was waiting for my grandparents, my cousin looked past me, outside the side window I was leaning on, and horror struck her face. Noticing her face, I turned around to see what had made her widen her eyes, and I screamed in fright.

I will never forget what I saw.

It was a sight I did not expect to see, it was that of a figure who stared inside the car with a hard face.

and then...

the figure....

started to laugh.

Then I heard my cousin laugh as I realized that the figure that was staring inside the car was only my grandmother coming to check-up on us.

I felt a sense of relief, but I also felt embarrassed that I did not realize sooner that it was my grandmother.

So the next time you find yourself in the back seat of a car with your back to the side window, I recommend that whatever you do, do not turn around because eventually someone you know will try to scare you or it might just be the axe murderer...

Happy Halloween!

Hanny the Coffee Bean


  1. ahha. once again your pictures summarize exactly what you are writing. I love it. i cant believe they left you guys for the casino though!? that is crazy.. maybe a bit of an addiction there or they needed gas money.. lol

  2. Wow. Now I suddenly think Peru as being a country full of llamas and casinos. :-P

    I remember my once how my old dog Blackie (who was, oddly enough, black) and I as an 8-year-old decided to go to the backyard when it was completely dark outside.

    As Blackie explored the contents in the blades of grass, I lost sight of her as the shadows swallowed her and she disappeared. Without her by my side, I became acutely aware of just how much I actually HATE being alone in the dark.

    I felt myself become more and more aware of my skin. It tingled uncomfortably as each goosebump formed across my body. Every unknown sound developed into a potential menacing serial killer attack. I regretted not having brought a flashlight with me...

    The grass rustled in proximity to where I stood frozen. I felt my heart pound in my was coming closer and closer...


    Blackie lunged out in the dark to scare me! It was as if she had been an invisible demon dog sent from the depths of the shadows!

    -Barb the French Bean

  3. I love your little cartoons.

    My sisters had a similar experience the scenerio contained my Uncle, his friend, an old cell tower and a bag of marbles.

    Maybe I will tell it one day on the old blog.

  4. I wont be able to sleep tonight after reading that story for fear that I'll open my eyes and your grandmother will be standing there!


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