Friday, December 30, 2011

Coffee Bean's Grand Adventure!

As many of you might have read I went to England for Christmas and spent a good week there. Well now I am back and with so much to write about! Of course I will not bore you with so many details, but I will tell you about a few crazy things that happened, a few funny observations and of course I will show off some pics.

Since I have so much to talk about I will do it all in different posts and wait until I tell you all about my visit to the pub, the druggie, the handsome English man that I stayed with, the crazy guys in queen costumes around Westminister and so much MORE!

So stay tuned! You'll have quite a laugh.

Hanny the Coffee Bean


  1. ¿Què hi tinc jo a veure, digueu-me homes,
    amb les espases i les batalles?
    L'única estrella que prenc per guia
    és la del gaudi i de la música.
    Feliç any 2012!!

  2. I look forward to hearing some crazy stories about my home city :p

  3. Handsome Englishman, you say? Do tell...


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