Wednesday, December 7, 2011

European Flashback #3: Lyon, France!

Back in 2009 and last year, on December 8th, I was fortunate enough to have witnessed the Fête de la Lumière (The Light Festival) that happens every year in Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France. The original religious Lyonnaise tradition of commemorating the Virgin Mary by placing lit candles on the windowsill has, with time, developed into an active city-wide event in which colorful computer animations are projected upon famous buildings and monuments during the night.

The sunny, blue-sky day looked promising!

The Tête d'or park was getting ready for its light show for later in the evening.

The Fourvière basilica and the Eiffel Tower-looking thing from a distance.

This was the nativity scene in the basilica.

The main entrance to Fourvière.

The view of the city from above. The tower with the 8 is the Crédit Lyonnais bank.

My teaching assistant friends and I took a stroll by the Roman amphitheater, which is close to Fourvière.

Posin' with the columns with fellow bloggers Emily in the Glass and Sliles.

I have much, much nicer photos of Lyon, but they are stuck somewhere in some memory cards back in Miami, and the chances of me getting to them are pretty slim. Once I leave Orlando, I will do the city some justice with a better post!

Barb the French Bean


  1. Nice pictures, makes me want to visit France one day, looks lovely. :)

    Principessa Gabriella

  2. Gorgeous, makes me wish I had been able to visit Lyon the two times I drove through (to/from Belgium->Spain) and just spent the night! At least I did know it had beautiful buildings by the river since I got lost looking for my hotel BOTH TIMES I was there! The second I spent an hour going around in circles. NOT FUN!

    But I love any festival that involves candles!!! In Liège they do one the first Saturday in October, my favourite night of the year when I lived there! See here:

  3. I think that maybe you will get the chance to visit it someday! :) The very first time that I was in France, I went on a tour went all over the country. We, of course, stopped by certain cities and villages to explore them properly, but my visit to Lyon consisted of staring out the window within the confines of a bus! It didn't even stop so I could see the buildings. XD
    Why is it that the cities that we always drive by are the most interesting? lol


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