Thursday, June 24, 2010


This Post is not perverted AT ALL.

Being a Psch. major is very interesting, especially when you start learning new terminology. Even though we do get a lot of reading assignments and can be very tedious, you will always find something odd.

Like always, I was in class ready for another lecture about some crazy theorist with a bad upbringing. At times, I tend to space out, but only when my professor goes on and on about a certain theorist, who is actually normal.

As I was musing about going to my kick-boxing class, I suddenly heard the word "Musturbation".
Bewildered by what my professor had said, I started to crack up in silence only to later be joined by my classmates.

"Did you mean masturbation?" asked one of the students, as everyone kept laughing. "No, I said musturbation," said my professor amused by everyone's reaction.

The professor started to explain that musturbation was a word that Albert Ellis, the founder of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, would use to refer to someone who has a destructive idea that their needs and expectations MUST be met.

Well after I got out of that class, I decided to use the new word.

Of course, since not everyone is going to get the humor of it, I decided to explain it to my roomate, and then try to use it around her.

Even then, it still sounds wrong. No matter how many times I explain it.

- Hanny The Coffee Bean


  1. Lol thanks for teaching me a new word I will never use :0)

  2. I always get a kick out of your graphics. Another hilarious post indeed.

    Happy Friday!

  3. Freaky word! No way I could use it around here though... I hope you managed to try it out on a few more people! :p

  4. This post. THIS.

    Instant follow.

    But you must remove word verification!!
    Top 3 Things Well-Meaning Bloggers Do That Drive Readers Nuts
    (please do, I really want to comment on this blog again!)

    1. Thanks for following us!! :D and I will see if I talk to my partner-in-crime to see if we remove the word verification.



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