Friday, July 16, 2010

Beginning with Two and Ending with Beans

So how did we start Two Beans or Not Two Beans? Well I made a little "jingle" poem story to answer this question.

There once was a girl who knew another girl
both good friends living in different places.
The two had suffered quite a heart break
when the fools in their lives decided to stray.

They conversed for hours about their dilemmas
only to realize how unfortunate they were.
They talked about ideas and came up with a solution
of starting a blog they could call their own.

They spent the night brainstorming for names,
but none would do. Not one or the other.
There was a pause when it came to names
neither had an idea what to come up with next.

Till suddenly one said "Coffee Beans" as a joke
and from there the bean madness began.
From jumping beans to crazy cool beans
none would do. Not one or the other.
(They weren't available anyways).

They went through a whole list of possible beans,
but none would do. Not one or the other.
Till finally one girl voiced "How about
Two Beans or Not Two Beans?"

Thus, the blog began...

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. Amen, sister. From something bad, something good arises. I can still remember how much we were cracking up when talking about possible titles, and how each one was taken by some person who only made one or two posts on their blogs. >.<'

    Must also thank W. Shakespeare for his line from Hamlet. ^.^ Shout out to Billy S.!

    -French Bean

  2. Wonderful little poem and you guys do such great illustrations! I love it! And now we know the tragic history that you produced such a fun blog.

  3. Great story! I just came in from Blogger's Coffee Shop because your blogs Bean name really caught my attention! I thought you guys might have Beans as a last name ore something! I've met a few (very rare name) so I was just wondering...

    French Bean: I hope you get to make it back to the land of baguettes some day!

    I'm going to continue dawdling around your place now, hope you don't mind! This spot is just about crazy enough for me to enjoy hanging out, so I might have to click on "follow" as well! :p


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