Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Check out the video I made at the bottom!

The other day I was mentioning to a good friend of mine how I would love to give him a makeover. Now he's not a bad looking guy at all and he has his own style, but I have been curious to see what he would look like in clothing pieces he has never worn.

He agreed to this.

It is not the first time I give a guy a makeover, actually I have done it plenty of times (mostly with my ex-boyfriends). My makeovers have gotten really great results, but it has also not done much for me.

When I first met my ex-boyfriend, he was this really nerdy guy, who had the whole gamer t-shirt and jeans look. I have nothing against gamer shirts, but this was on a daily basis (plus the type of underwear he wore was not helping his appearance). Well I liked him for who he was, but out of curiosity I suggested a few pieces of clothing here and there, and this became one of the best and worst things I have ever done. It was the best because he felt good about himself and he was finally showing that he was handsome. The downside was when the other girls (that never realized how cute he was) started to get interested in him just because of a few changes to his appearance.

Well, though he was very much crazy about me, he still ended up leaving me because of the attention he was getting and he went through the whole "grass is greener on the other side syndrome."

I am, however, pleased to know that because of me I made a difference in someones life even though it didn't benefit me in any way.

So why is it that I do makeovers?

I do it because I love style and I find a great sense of euphoria doing it. Plus, it reminds me of my life size barbie, except I use guys for my makeovers.

Which gave me another idea; to make my own company called Make Me Over, Coffee Bean Inc. The start of this company can change things around for men all around the world! From looking like a bum to looking classy, the man who uses my services will have the best self esteem ever.

My services include:

1. Having me around for one whole day
2. Compliments from a lot of girls
3. A change of look
4. Girls checking you out
5. A better you
6. And probably a new girlfriend by the end of the day

(My services can be for ladies too, but as I said before, I mostly do makeovers on men).

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is brilliant! :-D

    -French Bean

  2. THAT IS TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Very clever, Coffee. I might haveto give you a call for a make over!

  4. so let me get this right, you do your stuff and then bingo you are my girlfriend i.e. at the end of the day ? how much ?

  5. lol tbaoo: No I wouldn't be your girlfriend, but someone else would :D

    -Coffee Bean

  6. lol. I had to laugh out loud and the disclaimer and the sound that came with it.

  7. Umn I'm feeling cold at the moment, I thought I'd put on a sweater or something, but then I saw your ad. Can you give me a couple of tips I could use in my current situation? (btw it's 12 degrees Celsius here so can you please hurry?)

  8. I'm so taking you up on this offer once I reach my goal weight. Awesome!

  9. I love the video. It could be a late night infomercial if it were a little longer. ;) Totally love the squeeky little high pitch voice reading non-intelligible nonsense. You are good! I laughed out loud. And you're not responsible for what the opposite sex will do to your clients!

  10. Hahaha! Just the laugh I needed before heading out to work! Thanks! :-D

  11. Webster: a makeover can work, I'll have you in the warmest clothes ever.

    Thanks everyone! haha that was my first video btw :p

    John: You're welcome and thank you!

  12. Truth ~ By any bean(s) moniker, you are simply 'way smart bean(s)'


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