Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cat Make-Up Practice = FAIL

As I mentioned in a previous post, I plan to dress up this Halloween with cat ears. So, I got the idea that I should start practicing painting myself like a cat for said costume.

I even had the appropriate music, complete with catchy, head-bobbing-inducing beats, to inspire me in making my face look more feline.

Before you ask if I really love cats: I'm allergic to 'em, so I, too, can't hug every cat.

(The video is not mine.)

I did decorate my face, although I think the make-up session went more in the direction of "If Mimes Crossbred with the Mike Myers's Cat in the Hat."

Barb the French Bean


For all of you lovely people who grace this blog with keyword searches around the lines of "cat make-up" or "cat eye make-up" or even "Halloween cat makeup," here is a picture of what I actually looked like on Halloween. I called my costume "Sophisti-Cat."

You're welcome.


  1. Every time I come across this video, I will press play. EVERY. TIME.



  2. So now you are allergic to yourself?

  3. Lorraine: I know, right? It's just so catchy!

    Stu: You know, I think I *might* be allergic to myself. Right after I transformed into a cat, my face began to itch and I wanted to sneeze.

  4. The video's good. And so's your make-up.

  5. i think it looks cute! somehow i've been talked into going with a group as care bears. i have no idea what kind of makeup that requires, & i'm a little bit scared to find out.

  6. It looks good actually!

    I am allergic to cats yet I have two that I adopted ... stupid stupid me. Every Fall, I end up at the doctor's on oxygen machines but I know no one will take them in AND since they're "older" - they won't find homes easily.

  7. Ramakant: Thank you very much! BTW, I tried to comment on your blog, but haven't been able to. Love the red gerbera photos! :D

    Siddathornton: That's why you gotta practice your make-up beforehand. Stores this time of the year have all sorts of make-up in any color you'd like! Good luck with it!

    Janice: Ooh. Still, I'm sure the kitties appreciate your love and care for them, even if it means sacrificing three boxes of Kleenex and a packet of Benadryll pills!

  8. This is adorable. And I DO want to hug every cat! I went as a cat last year for the first time ever, which is surprising since I <3 cats so much!

  9. Mel: Thanks! And it's never too late to dress up as what you like, even if it took a while. :D

  10. hey babe why do you say that it was a cat makeup fail??? in my opinion it is not a failure, you look so cute with that cat makeup!

  11. Hey this is quite awesome, so cute cat makeup!
    I was actually looking for some creepy Halloween makeup but cat look isn't a bad idea afterall.
    Thanks for sharing!


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