Monday, October 31, 2011

Movie Marathon = Roller Coaster

Every year, a few days before Halloween, I have a tradition of watching a marathon of scary movies. This year, however, my emotions joined in on the movie marathon causing me to experience a roller coaster.

I know Twilight is not considered to be a horror movie, but I couldn't help watching it. So as I continued to watch it my emotions got the best of me.

Of course, I moved on to watching Halloween H2O, but my emotions were still out of control.

As I continued to watch a series of horror movies, something unexpected happened...

The fire alarm for the whole building next to my building, decided to go off at approximately one in the morning.

(You'll hear me whisper a bit, but you can hear the fire alarm)

For someone watching horror movies, I experienced all types of emotions other than fear and due to the fire alarm going off, I experienced annoyance. So after my whole emotional roller coaster, I was in between annoyance and just laughing my head off.

I know this seems kind of crazy and I shouldn't have let my emotions join in on my movie marathon, but at least I got it out of my system.

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. I just think it's crazy that you watched Twilight :p

  2. Ah, how I missed the sound of those fire alarms. Have they caught the guy suspected of being an arsonist?

  3. Twilight is a horror film ... because it was so poorly made. (oh snap hah)

  4. Twilight is a comedy guys! I mean, I laughed.



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