Monday, October 24, 2011

Don't Do This for Halloween

Unless you want to be branded by the kids in your neighborhood as "the weirdo health nut who doesn't hand out candy," don't do this. Be warned that kids are more than willing keep their end of the "Trick or Treat" bargain...

Barb the French Bean


  1. LOL!! I know people like that XD good post!

  2. You would think they would see it coming. I guess those kinds of people were never kids themselves.

  3. Partner-in-Crime: Thanks! I suggest that the people you know take a look at this blog, as a warning. :P

    Stu: Yah, for realz, man. What's Halloween without candy?

    Ramakant Pradhan: Thank you very much! ^.^

  4. I have always wanted to egg a house :\
    Should've been hanging out with these kids :)

  5. Cool Guy: Maybe you'll get the chance someday. You just need to hang out with the right crowd. ;)

  6. My least favorite are the PENNIES. WTF?

    We can't do anything with PENNIES.

  7. Well, I know that adding up enough pennies can reel in some serious dough. In the past, I've saved up $250 in just saving spare change. o_O

    Still, Halloween is NOT the day in which pennies should appear in your treat bag. :P

  8. This is hilarious!
    I guess, the granola-bar-guy will find his house being TPed with all the misplaced kindnesses he gave to the kids!

  9. lol!

    kids in Spain have started trick or treating within their own building, but fortunately they don't get the "trick" part of it! :p


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