Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dear Miss Ha-Ha!

Recently, I started something I like to call Dear Miss H. For those unaware, I decided about a few days ago to start an advice site, where I can give other people positive advice and not that "Oh forget him, he's a loser" advice that I hate so very much.

Being the type of person that likes to give advice and humor people at the same time, I decided to add a choice to my 'ask me' form, where the person asking me a question gets to tell me if they want a humorous response or serious advice.

Now as much as I love to humor others, I have been getting a lot of forms asking for me to give a humorous response. Thus, I started to think if I'll probably end up being called Dear Miss Ha-Ha instead of Dear Miss H.

Now wouldn't that be interesting...."Hi I'm Dear Miss Ha-Ha and I have a major in Psychology!" -_-

No wonder no one takes me seriously.

-Hanny the coffee bean

Btw: If any of you do have any questions or in need of advice, do consider visiting Dear Miss H


  1. Hanny, the link to "Dear Miss H" isn't working. :/

  2. Thank you Miss H for the wonderful advice you gave me on your er... advice blog.


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