Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Creepy Truth

During Halloween, many people like to share urban legends to give Halloween a more creepy effect, but what many do not know is that some urban legends originate from something real.

Urban legends are usually told to scare or make others believe it (sometimes the teller believes it), but there is always an origin to the legend, which differs from the legend itself.

One that seems to stick out the most, however, is the story of the bunny man.

The Bunny Man

There are many variations of the legend, but the one legend that sticks out is the one with the inmates.

A bus full of inmates crashes and some prisoners escape. They found all the inmates, but one. During this time, locals started to find shaved, half eaten rabbit carcasses hanging around trees and the bridge overpass. Then finally police discover the body of a man left in a similar style of the rabbit carcasses hanging around a bridge overpass called "The bunny man bridge" along the railroad tracks.

Officials suspect this was the doing of the inmate calling him the bunny man. They finally locate the inmate, but as he tries to escape around the overpass, an oncoming train hits him. It is said the inmate was arrested for killing his family on Easter Sunday.

In the time approaching Halloween, it is said that the carcasses are hanging from the trees and overpass, and that a figure is seen by passerby making their way through the tunnel.

Of course this is all false, but the bunny man exists. He wore a bunny suit and threatened people with an axe. (sounds even better doesn't it?)

The real truth to the legend is that a man in a bunny suit was seen around threatening people with an axe of trespassing, but as far as I know he never harmed anyone.

More to the story.

There are more legends with truthful origins like bloody Mary, the haunted house (and its creepy "fake" dolls), the dead body under the bed etc...but I do need sleep tonight, so I shall not mention anymore.

Urban legends are fun to research even if they do have a creepy origin to them, but sometimes it's better not to know especially if it involves real dead bodies.

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. My fave: The guy who goes missing while on holiday with his mates(choose appropriate destination.) Last seen talking to two hot girls. He turns up a week later with no recollection of where he's been. He has a scar, and subsequently discovers one of his kidney's has been removed.

    Heard it so many times, and every time the teller is convinced it's true. It is one of the more credible urban legends.

  2. Lol it just goes to show you never trust two hot girls :p but yeah I heard a similar story to that except it wasn't with hot girls.

  3. Do you remember those "old-school" tales about how sheep started showing up dead, their necks punctured by two holes? The Monster in question happened to be the so-called "Chupacabra," literally, the Goat Sucker.

    I only wonder if Bunny Man and Goat Sucker worked in cahoots. o_O

    @Grogan: Heeeeey, Chaaaaarliee, come with us to see the Candy Mountain! C'mon, Charlie!

  4. The thought of a man dressed as a bunny is not very scary but I'm sure if I met him I would revise that statement and scream like a little girl.

  5. I really wish I never get hunted down by a bunny man. I really don't want to have to deal with being freightened by a man in a bunny suit. That just seems like it'll mess with your head for forever.

  6. I love urban legends and haunted houses!!!

  7. hahahahahahaha I LOVE THE CREEPY TRUTH, hey you should make like an e-bookk with your funny stories and drawings, I would buy it for sure!


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