Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sneak Peek: Halloween Costume Edition

Halloween is really close and I for one cannot wait!

Since my costume requires make-up, I decided I should just try on my whole outfit with the make-up as well. Of course my make-up didn't turn out so great (I need to buy better face paint), but I am very pleased with my costume.

So ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to present this years costume:

That's right! I'm a mime and of course no one else knows (since it won't be going on my FB just yet), but I think I made a great choice.

So what is everyone else going to be for halloween?

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. Très mignonne! ^.^

    I suggest that you could complete the ensemble with black tights, too! :D

  2. Thanks but black tights would actually ruin the outfit :p especially with the heels im wearing.

  3. Ain't sure what you're supposed to be, but it sure is sweet on the eye.

  4. I got a bunch of fake meat from the craft store and glued it to a dress so I can be Lady gaGa. Holla!

  5. A Man: I'm supposed to be a Mime :D

    Jen: LOL! now that's one costume I want to see!

  6. What an awesome idea! I haven't thought of a costume yet, maybe I'll have to borrow your idea...

  7. Cute! If I get a chance to dress up, I'll probably just be a ballerina, since I already have ballet clothes for class, anyways. I know. I'm lame. :)

  8. You do realize this means you can't talk all night during the party or otherwise the illusion will be broken.

  9. Mel: Thanks!

    Hannah: actually I think it is a cool idea, you could have gone as the black swan too :p

    Citizen_stu: haha someone actually told me that, but eh everyone will be too drunk to notice XD

  10. I've never dressed up for Halloween but I'd wear this outfit to work! Minus the face paint. No? No? No?



  11. My boyfriend and I started planning costumes almost 2 months ago - we were going to be Christina Aguilera and CeeLo, circa The Voice. I was going to wear a ratty wig, terrible makeup and a pushup bra, and boyfriend was going to wear ankle length red shorts and a red t shirt, with fake rolexes.

    But then we remembered that we're lazy, and we didnt *actually* order/buy anything, so now I think we're just going as 'those sad losers who didnt bother to dress up'

  12. See, this is what I call a great costume! Cute!

  13. Lorraine: I think people could still tell what you are without the face paint :p

    Heather: haha I have moments like that...2 months ago I wanted to be a Bavarian beer girl, but then at the last minute I went to being a Mime.

    The Vox: Thank you! :D

  14. wow in the photos you look amazing, I love this activity, IN FACT i have participated in a event where i did that, was amazing, I would never forget it


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