Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How I Had Three Different Costumes

I was excited to celebrate Halloween this year because after having spent the past two October 31sts in Croissant-and-Baguetteland, I felt that I was overdue for an American Ghoulfest 2011. All month long, I somehow willed myself to not rush to the nearest supermarket and start hoarding piles of luscious Candy Corn and miniature bars of Kit-Kats; I promised myself that I would gorge on these sugary treats once it was *officially* acceptable.

And yesterday, I looked forward to spending my day at a Halloween party in the company of a good friend. Before heading out, I prepared myself for the event.

Costume #1: Sophisti-Cat

I admit to having spent almost forty-five minutes trying to get my make-up just right for the day, and I would have finished earlier had I not washed off my handiwork from dissatisfaction of how things looked. I had first experimented with a dark orange powder and decided that I looked like a member of the Jersey Shore who had painted their face with cat whiskers (it simply would not do!).

Once ready, I headed out to the party and my friend informed me that I looked as if I were going to sing and dance on a Broadway stage. Très chic.

Costume #2: Clown Cat

Unfortunately, within ten minutes of being outside, Sophisti-Cat never stood a chance against the heat and humidity of the wonderful Miami climate. It was even a bit cooler than usual for "three-oh-five" standards, too. My white make-up disappeared and all that was left were streaks and blotches (and the odd whisker or two).

My friend and I made plans to purchase candy, eat at a restaurant and then share a quiet moment over of Pumpkin Spice Latté from Starbucks. She emboldened herself to dress up in costume and offered to let me use her own face-paint set so I could go back to looking like a cat. I accepted it.

Oh, and by "face paint," I mean the chalky, oily kind that cakes up on your face if applied improperly.

And it was applied improperly.

In fact, it looked SO BAD that I couldn't bear to take a photo of myself wearing my Clown Cat costume. Instead, I drew a cartoon of what I only wished I had looked like.

Costume #3: Crazy Old Lady Cat

With our evening out pending, I began to panic about how horrible I looked with my Clown Cat face paint. It didn't matter that it were Halloween. I simply could not be seen in public like that!

The solution was thankfully easy and I washed off my temporary appearance. Yet some of the paint had seeped unto the roots of my hair and I could not remove it. With the white blending in to give me gray streaks, I suddenly looked thirty years older. Hence, I was overjoyed by my third costume:

Crazy Old Cat Lady still looked better than Clown Cat. Oh, well. At least I consoled myself with Candy Corn and Kit-Kats.


In the aftermath of Clown Cat's greasy, pore-clogging consistency, my face has been napalmed by teenaged postules. I also suspect that the Kit-Kats aren't helping fend off the zits, either.

So, Ladies, next Halloween, get the good make-up. You'll thank yourselves in the morning.

Barb the French Bean


  1. Hah ... To properly do white face, I had to use "goth make-up". When i attempted to use the other stuff, it was TERRIBLE.

  2. Clown cat?! HAHA that's hilarious. At least you had alternative options :-)

  3. The only thing I have to say about Clown Cat is: pics or it didn't happen! ;)


  4. Janice: I used regular make-up to make Sophisti-Cat, but it just wasn't strong enough to last. Maybe I'll go for the "Goth Make-up" next time.

    Justina: Hee hee. That's true! ^.^

    Lorraine: Oh, it did happen! If needed, I even have a witness who could testify and vouch for just how bad it was. :P

  5. Hee... Sorry about the make-up. It was not bought with the intent to cover an entire face. ^^;

  6. Maybe LOLCat is the way to go....lol

    Ugh, I never look forward to dealing with makeup!


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