Monday, November 14, 2011

Good Vs. Evil

Making a choice always seems to be a battle for me, especially when I have millions of different choices. However, two of these choices seem to stick out the most- good or evil.

There is that voice that tells you not to do it and then there is another voice telling you to do it. Of course I know not to do it, but deep down I want to do it.

Case #1: The sweet factor

There is always something you are not allowed to eat (if lucky, you can eat everything!), but in my case I should really, REALLY avoid sweets/desserts to maintain my healthy weight.

Case #2: Man hunt

Being single has put me in quite a pickle- who's going to buy my drinks now? Hence, why I am very tempted to hunt men down, flirt with them and get my drinks...

Case #3: Max out

Having credit cards in my wallet makes it hard for me not to want to get my very expensive Digital SLR Camera.

Case #4: Trip the bastard

That one person that just frustrates you enough that you want to injure him or just trip him as he walks happily towards his destination...yeah I get those all the time.

There's plenty of things that I have to make choices on and inevitably I tend to choose the evil choices sometimes (Okay so it could be avoidable), but in all fairness it does depend on the situation and only I am responsible for which choice I pick (even if tripping one of the many bastards in my life does seem like a good idea).

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. I know that I'd have a very difficult time resisting those lollipops, and so would my "good" side. :P

  2. I used to have that internal fight all the time, but then my good side gave up and probably ran away. My good side is probably pool side, somewhere tropical.

    Also, my evil debt side's favorite thing to say is, "no one has good credit anymore." That bastard.


  3. Haha, I love these! Now I want a lollipop, lol! It's a good thing I don't have a credit card or I'd probably have serious debt issues. Good luck making good (maybe sometimes evil) choices! ;)

    Principessa Gabriella

  4. I think trip the bastard is a special case where it is allowed.

  5. Hey, nothing wrong with candy, as long as it's in moderation. And you can't go wrong with chocolate.

    As for drinks...well, you could always take into consideration that they're empty calories which only make you gain weight. That should make it easier to resist. ;)

  6. Barb: Your "good" side is just as bad as the evil side XD

    Lorraine: that sucks :p giving power to the evil side lol

    Gabriella: Thanks!

    Jnana: Thanks I'm glad you think they are ^_^

    Citizen_Stu: I agree yet somehow my good side just doesn't want to see that.

    RandomRambler: You sir make a very good point! :D


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