Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is Why Europe is Great

Surfing on the computer, I started to reminisce of my well spent vacations in Europe. I must have been in my teenage years when I made my way to France, Italy, Belgium, England, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Venice in 2005

Arc de Triomphe (France of course)

Part of the Berlin wall (2005)

Brussels, Belgium

I remember it like if it was yesterday. The scooters and bicycles seen in multitudes around the Parisian streets, the gondolas passing through the ponte dei Sospiri in Venice, the homeless with their dogs (they ALL had dogs...) in Belgium, The double-decker buses around the Piccadilly Circus in England, the groups of people moving around the Vienna airport in Austria, the painting on the Berlin wall (whats left of it) in Germany, and the Switzerland markets full of delicious cheese of all kinds.

As I kept reminiscing, I started to think of all the reasons why Europe is so great.

1. A lot of their magazines are filled with freebies! In England, they sometimes give out gift cards and nail polish with their magazines for only 2 pounds.

2. They are not afraid of the human body. In the places I visited, they are accepting of the body to the point that nothing is as censored as in U.S.

3. There is so much to see. On one of my trips to France, I saw urinals outside near the Eiffel Tower where a concert was being held.

4. In Brussels they have a cool statue of a naked little boy peeing in the fountain. Who does that? Who has that?

5. They have great food and the fact that you can walk! They don't use their cars as much...why when you can walk, take the subway, train etc...

6. Shopping there is fantastic! you find the cutest things, amusing things and if you are lucky you will even find outside markets that sell fabulous items (I know i found some in Italy).

7. Bargains, Bargains and more Bargains! I must admit when I was in Europe I found stores around England that had a lot of great bargains!

8. Did I mention coffee shops and crepe stands? Imagine a beautiful scenery while you are enjoying your coffee or crepe outside enjoying the view.

Of course there is a long list as to why Europe is great and if I actually lived there I might actually find not so great things, but as a tourist I believe Europe meets my needs when it comes down to certain things and come on who doesn't like freebies in their magazines followed by a walk around beautiful scenery and waffles?? I know I do.

Hanny the coffee bean

(Yes I took those pics in 2005. I had more, but I cant find where I stored the rest.)


  1. And the biggest reason of all is that you see history everywhere around you

  2. *sigh*

    Makes me desire so BADLY to be over there now!

  3. Europe. It's where the history comes from :p

  4. WOW! This is cool! I want to go to Europe so badly D;

  5. Wow, you've been all over Europe! I've only been to Italy (& a Paris airport if that and I love it there. I hope to visit more of Europe someday, seems lovely from what I've heard/seen. :)

    Principessa Gabriella

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