Monday, November 14, 2011

Under Construction

You may have noticed that the blog's header that rocked such drawings as Demon Chihuahua, Copulating Snail , Poker King Kong and Ninja Squirrel has vanished!

Well, no need to panic, dear readers, because this is leading up to a NEW and IMPROVED header that will appear...some time soon. Some technical difficulties may or may not ensue.

So, yeah. Chillax.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Beans

Edit: Just in case you were wondering what happened to the Demon Chihuahua, here is a photo of her after I've asked her if she could give me any job search tips.


  1. Chillax? Chillax?!

    How do you expect me to stay calm with such news?

  2. Ninja Squirrel better return, that's all I'm saying on the matter

  3. Lol...we aren't done yet. The header is up! but stay tuned to the construction on the rest of the page (ninja squirrel may appear to the side ;) )

  4. I knew I was going to like this blog when you commented on my post under the name "Barb the Bean".

    And from all of the plays on the word 'bean' in your current header, it's pretty much guaranteed to be a hoot.

    A bean pun is like a highway to sucess.

  5. *Barb the French Bean. Pardonnez-moi!

  6. Stu: As the Englishman that you are, I advise you to keep calm and carry on.

    Fizzee: No worries. Ninja Squirrel is way too unforgettable. We'll see what we can do. ;)

    Britt: Thanks very much!

  7. I'm seeing the new header...
    PUN!! :D

    Speaking of the demon chihuahua, how come we haven't heard much about it in a while?

  8. Random Rambler: Not to worry, the Demon Chihuahua is safe and sound. I'll even edit this post to demonstrate her advice about my job search. :P


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