Saturday, November 19, 2011

This is What Happens on Dating Sites

As you may all know from my past Ok Cupid post, I have kept my account on Ok Cupid for fun. I kept getting messages that people kept checking me out, but I never went on Ok Cupid to see
what these messages were all about...until now.

I was checking my emails when a message caught my attention from a so called "Thenewguyforyou." With nothing much to do, I decided to check what the message was all about and so I signed into my account...

What a mistake.

I ended up reading at least 8 different messages and each one more ridiculous than the other, but nothing as creepy as what thenewguyforyou had to say to me.

Now obviously this HAS to be a joke because I really don't think a guy would tell me all this shit (though who knows anymore...).

I continued to read the messages to see what other "interesting" things these men would say to me...

Really?? What is up with sandwiches lately. I'm beginning to think this joke is getting old, though I must admit I would have replied with "Me making sandwiches? you're the man you should know how to make your own god damn sandwich."

A lot of the comments I've gotten have been very entertaining, but nothing as entertaining as getting a "spammy" message and if you get one of those on Ok Cupid, you get this message:

Oh Ok Cupid! You amuse me so, let me tell you in so many ways...

Yeah, he knows exactly what I've been dealing with.

Hanny the coffee bean

P.S: While I was writing this post, I got this message:

Was that supposed to work?


  1. So, what kind of sandwiches are you good at making? It could have been worse. I had to join one of those sites this summer, not for love (So help me God, Your Honor,) but for the business of catching up with a plagiarist. I caught up with him too. A little sideshow to this was the steady influx of private messages I received from foreign ladies. Leastways they claimed to be foreign ladies, but how can anyone be sure? It could just as easily have been some hairy assed trucker. Anyway, it's strange how every one of those ladies declared their undying love for me, and wished to live happy ever after with my bank account.

  2. haha I can make all sorts of sandwiches :p

    Yes! its to say they don't even know you and they are already declaring their love...its just sad. It makes me wonder how on earth people actually find love online...

  3. I think it's a valid question. As someone who almost cut their finger off while making a sandwich I need a woman who can protect me from myself and take over all sandwich making duties.

    Amazingly, my wife has not excepted this as a valid reason why she should get up in the morning and make me my sandwiches.

  4. Sandwich-making is a treasured art in America. Hell, just look at all the restaurants we have that are dedicated *to* selling sandwiches! Maybe the guy is looking for a woman who has mastered the craft of pairing meats, condiments and vegetables between two chunks of bread. :P

  5. Lol! I hope that first guy is kidding, because that is really creepy! babies and a duck...really? And the guy asking about the sandwiches needs a smack in the face!! That video is hilarious! I'm this close to giving up on there being any decent guys anywhere...(I was just writing about guys on my blog again...and they suck)

    Principessa Gabriella

  6. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That has to be a joke!

  7. I am of the opinion that Mr. thenewguyforyou is just as disillusioned as you, and actually has quite the sense of humor. ;) Might be someone you can actually turn into a funny pen pal.

  8. Gabriella: Decent guys do exist, they are just rare.

    seilann: It could be or he may just be a nut job from the psychiatric ward who escaped. :D

  9. We can find many stupid messages on this kind of sites and personally, I ignore them! Many people declared their love for me...but hello? I'm not that kind of girl! Eharmony promotional code helped me find great people, with similar interests and hobbies as me!


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