Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today, I Feel Like A Woman

Today, I, Barb the French Bean, asserted my feminine kitchen skills and made French baguettes for the very first time in my life.

Yes, today, I made my bread-baking ancestors proud by using nothing but bread flour, water, salt and pungent active yeast that stunk up my kitchen.

(Mm. Can't you just feel the artisanal traditions of yore emanating from their misshapen golden brown crusts?)

Next time, I will add "a pinch of patience" to that list of ingredients.

You have my permission to laugh at how wonky they look, but don't you dare ask me to make a sammich with them. I make sammiches for NO ONE but myself.

(They went well with fried eggs and melted cheddar cheese.)


  1. LOL! I like the title of the post XD It has like this cave woman sound to it "Me! am woman!!"

  2. Congrats on making bread for the first time, looks good! I love baking; there's nothing better than the smell of fresh bread! :)

    Principessa Gabriella

  3. Oooo those look delicious! It's okay that they are a bit deformed. xD

  4. Yummm... the house must have smelt great while they were baking! :o)

  5. Partner-in-Crime: Yeah. As I was baking them, I felt like saying "I am Woman, hear me ROAR!" Of course, if I had done that, my grandmother would have thought I was talking to her.

    Gabriella: I agree with that! The smell of baking bread is quite a homey scent. :D

    Miss Sassy Pants; Thanks! I'm sure that with practice, I'll get the hang of it.

    Crazy Cris: It did! Just remember the warmness of baking bread makes me want to make some more. :)

  6. I now have Shania Twain stuck in my head, so thank you?


  7. Beautiful baguettes! Ever thought of opening a French bakery? :-) I have. One can dream...

  8. XD "made my bread-baking ancestors proud" isn't that the truth! They look awesome :)

  9. Lorraine: ...Now I have it stuck in my head, too. :P

    Emily: I have, actually! I already know how to make madeleines from scratch and in all sorts of flavors. Maybe someday...:)

    Cool Guy: Thanks! I'll have to make some the next time I see you. ^.^

  10. Yummyyy. We sort of arab-ize it by stuffing it with shawerma and mustard. Deliciousss


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