Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things You Can Learn from Our Blog

As I sat bored in my room one rainy day, I decided to go back on everything Barb and I have ever written and realized that we have written a few things worth learning.

1. Everything you need to know about Cuban and French Coffee.
2. Things don't turn out the way we hope...They turn out to be better than we hoped for.
3. Some retail jobs judge you by appearance.
4. We sometimes can't control our urges (wants).
5. The French are not arrogant, rude people and do not eat snails everyday.
6. Some people are known for musturbating.
7. Blogging is a great outlet for people.
8. Sometimes we have to stop worrying in life.
9. Some snails are hermaphrodites.
10. Sometimes the heart and brain do not agree.

11. You can get over an ex-boyfriend using the five stages.
12. Google gives out the best ideas ever.
13. Some video games take control of your life.
14. No matter how hard some things may seem, friendship makes things better.
15. How to meet people.
16. How to cure insomnia.
17. No matter what we do, we always must look our best.
18. People are similar to animals.
19. Facebook has taken over the world.
20. Places in France you can find a bathroom.

21. Sometimes love/like does come your way (even if you thought it never would)
22. Dating sites are sometimes not the answer.
23. Life has its ups and downs, but things will always look up (what comes down has to come up eventually...)
24. You experience a lot within a year (and some manage to survive them).
25. Ex-boyfriends (sooner or later) come back.
26. Writing posts about boyfriends is not such a good idea (especially if you two break up).
27. Life is an adventure.
28. Never waste beer.
29. Some men are men-children.
30. There is always some regret in life.

31. Tutorials are a waste of time sometimes.
32. Behind every asshole is a bitch that made him that way and behind every bitch is an asshole that made her that way. vicious cycle.
33. Making money is not easy.
34. Halloween can be dangerous if you don't give out the good candy.
35. Urban legends sometimes have a true back story to them.
36. Dr. Pepper brownies exist!

I know it is a long list, but trust me it is worth taking a look at it. I know I learned a few things from some of the posts I read (even if i did write some of them...and that is saying something.)

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. It certainly is nice to re-live the blogging memories. Ahhhh...such nice cartoons.

  2. haha thank you. I thought it was a nice "shortcut" :p

  3. Lots of interesting, useful, and some hilarious things to learn! lol, great list! :)

    Principessa Gabriella

  4. oh my! I think I just spent a couple of hours reading these... and almost fell off my seat laughing a couple of times! You guys have a great sense of humor, keep 'em coming!!! :o)


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