Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WTF?! Pure Oddness

[Note: If you cannot see the images, just click on them]

At times, when I have nothing to do I like to just relax on a computer and ask Google questions.

Yes, I am that bored.

I mostly spend my time on the computer located on campus, and I must say people have searched for the weirdest things.

Exhibit #1:

As you can see all I did was write 'how to run away' and Google gave me a whole bunch of options. My favorite is the one with the cops...of course.

Exhibit #2:

This is where the fun begins...People on campus are so freakin' weird. Who the hell wants to know how to destroy angels?! And I find it funny how it is in between getting rid of fleas and boiling eggs. Yes. This should definitely be my to do list.

I also did a bit of research myself, and my findings were not at all normal.

Exhibit #3:

Yes. I thought I was the only weirdo asking Google what my life would be in 10 years. Though I never imagined there would be a site dedicated to the whole idea of '10 years later'.

Exhibit #4:

The Ex-Boyfriend seems to be a very popular topic amongst us at Two Beans or Not Two Beans...so why not?! When I looked up ex-boyfriend, I found out that you can sell the jewelry (and other stuff as well) that your ex-boyfriend gave to you. It is amazing!! you make money from a break-up...pssh and here I thought break-ups were bad. Also notice how they have a picture of an "ex-boyfriend" punching bag (I need to get myself one). If you look to your right you will see a list of suggested topics, notice how the first one is 'ex-boyfriend revenge'.

Exhibit #5:

The Ex-girlfriend for the male readers. Here you will see that you can put pictures up of your ex-girlfriend to humiliate her. I do not suggest it, but it does seem kind of fun to have others rate your ex-girlfriend. (Also, I am aware that I misspelled the written stuff up there).

Exhibit #6:

I really thought this was amusing. I type in zebra and the first picture I see is of a zebra on a motorcycle. :p

Exhibit #7:

When we started Two Beans or Not Two Beans, we thought we had the most weird and unique name EVER! Of course then I came across this and realized that we aren't the only insane ones, and that someone actually came up with this before we did.


I would so buy the album, if the band had a different name rather than their name, Baked Beans.

-Hanny the coffee bean

(Disclaimer: I do not own Google, obviously. So the logos and all that stuff is not mine, except for the comments next to the Google links).


  1. Ha, I do this all the time. God, I love google.

  2. Zebra + Motorcycle = Pure WIN!

    -French Bean

  3. Oh god what I have laugh right now seeing this post! ahah how to run away from the cops It's something!

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