Monday, July 5, 2010

Wanted: Missing Top

[No Picture]

On July 3rd, I found a top in the Forever 21 store that I really wanted, but it was a size large. I looked around the whole store trying to find this one top, but it was not found.

This morning, I looked through the Forever 21 website, but still no top.

It is a woven shirt with a silver line pattern and roll up sleeves. It also ties to the waist, and goes down to the thighs, which has a nice bubble ending to the shirt dress. Around the neck it is decorated with "band" buttons.

Very hard to describe and sadly no picture, but if you know of the whereabouts of this top or would like to sell me one in a size small, contact me at

Thank you,

Hanny the coffee bean

p.s. I am being very serious (for once)


  1. Hey. If I can't find the pic on the website, do you want me to make a drawing of the top?

    -French Bean

  2. I tried looking for it luck.
    If you remember what it looks like then sure that would be great thanks!

    -Coffee Bean


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