Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trolls Love Cake: The Story Behind the Cake

Many of you are interested in knowing the story that inspired this post. Well it is quite simple, there was no cake or trolls.

The story that led to the confusion of the pancreas being a cake began in my Biology class.

Yes. Biology. Again.

As I might have mentioned in my earlier posts, I tend to fall asleep in my pain in the ass, freaking early in the morning Biology class. So on one of those days when my eyelids were drooping from lack of sleep, my professor showed us a slide full of pictures. One of these pictures looked delicious, and so I thought he was talking about cake.

Me (Making a comment to myself): Is that cake?

Professor: And this is the pancreas...

My thoughts: No that's the pancreas.

Me: Oh, I thought it was cake...

I had confused the pancreas for a cake. O_o

Pancreas Picture that was supposed to be here, but is not due to copyright terms.

Now compare it to this cake:

(Okay not my "best" drawing, but heck maybe I'll make it into cakewrecks).

Well after a while, I couldn't quite shake the thought out of my head, and so eventually 'Trolls Love Cake' came to be.

The trolls were just a bonus, and one of my favorite childhood toys.

So as you can see there was no physical cake or a real pancreas, but the idea of having a troll confuse a pancreas for cake seemed genius to me.

And wacky.

Hanny the coffee bean


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