Thursday, July 29, 2010

FB Quizzes: Liars or Fortunetellers?

(Note: If you can't see the images well, just click on them.)

This is an exchange that happened between Coffee Bean and French Bean the other day.

French Bean decided to take a French Facebook quiz that predicted her future state of love.

Her result?

"You will remain alone for the rest of your life."

After taking quiz...

"Someone you know will tell you he loves you after 20 years."

So, what do you think? Shall French Bean die alone, surrounded by cats to which she's allergic? Will Coffee Bean get married and then, after 20 years of marital bliss, have someone tell her "oh, by the way, I luvs you?"

Do you think this quiz is just us?


  1. I took a quiz on FB to predict who I should marry and it pulled up the top five 'matches' for me from my FB friends.

    Best match - my BFF's hubby
    2nd best match - my BFF's 12-YEAR-OLD son
    5th best match - my BFF's sister's boyfriend

    Needless to say, our friendship hasn't been the same since.

  2. And by the way? When I just commented? My 'verification' words was LICKS.

  3. well i am supposed to die in a pool of diet lemonade :)

  4. My words of wisdom:

    Go for the crazy cat lady, that's what I'm aiming for! We can trade cats :3

    And if Hanny is going to get married to someone she doesn't love, make sure he's either rich or gives her the opportunity to live in another country if she so chooses.

  5. Tricia: That sucks about your BFF. :/

    Pancake: See, your death is cooler than mine...I'm supposed to croak all alone by my lonesome self!

    Delphine: Hm. You've given me an idea.

    Maybe I can start a group called "Allergics Anonymous" and hold monthly cat-swap sessions.

    Who wants to trade Felix for Mr. Fluffykins???

    -French Bean

  6. I think you should just prove it wrong!!!

  7. Facebook says that I am Rowlf the muppet dog. I'm not sure it's right :0)

  8. Don't take the quizzes! They are there only to turn your brains to jello! Just don't take the quizzes!

  9. Facebook quizzes are dumb and usually have bad grammar and spelling. :-)


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