Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meh. I'm bored. Come dance with me!

For those who missed this post, I promise that I will write the second part at some point. But for now, I just feel like I need to take a break from the "I hate you" songs. I'll switch to Vem Dançar Kuduro by Portuguese singer Lucenzo.

It was early May. As I cleaned my ex's small apartment in rainy Dijon, I used his laptop to have Youtube play the video en boucle. Since I was alone, I was completely confident to dance around in the way you do when no one is watching. I grasped the mopped and swished it to the jamming beat.

I swung my hips rhythmically as water splashed on the floor. I sometimes pumped my fist in the air, punching in time to the music.

It's such a happy song that it made me want to dance. Very few songs have that effect on me these days...

Or so I wish. I'm not even the Queen of Cleaning, which is admittedly not a very fun royal title.

I love this song! J'en kiffe!

I guess it helps that I can't understand the language. I only comprehend the beat.

Perhaps that's the same concept of the inexplicable trend Anime fans had by animating their favorite chibi-ized characters to dance swinging their hips and flapping their hands on their foreheads to the so-called Speedycake remix of CaramellDansen.

I prefer the original version of the song, though.


(Sadly enough, this chibi version of myself has roughly the same proportions that my body has IRL.)

Barb the French Bean

Disclaimer: the videos are not mine


  1. ^_^ such a happy post! but I'm too tired to dance, I just came from kickboxing x_x

    -Coffee Bean

  2. My goodness, such coincidental weirdness! I was *just* listening to a YouTube dance playlist and CaramellDansen came on. It is the first time I've even seen/heard this so called phenomenon; I thought it was slightly trippy. And then I read your post. Spooky!

  3. is good house work music

    nah sod the house work and pass the captn


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