Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oh. My. God.

Yesterday afternoon, as a means to perk me up and help me escape (momentarily) from my cabin-fever induced insanity, I decided to head out to Dolphin Mall to have dinner at Dave & Busters and watch Dinner for Schmucks.

Neither was done simultaneously.

I walked in alone and promptly sat down at a table by myself. Being ever-so-conscious of my Shakira hotness goal, I carefully looked down the menu to pick out something that I deemed healthy: a parmesan-crusted chicken Caesar salad. I also ordered a side of their mouth-watering seasoned fries (I can't resist them) and a drink that was thankfully half-priced due to happy hour. Halfway through the meal, I stopped because my stomach felt uncomfortably full. I doggy bagged the rest to eat it at home.

This morning, out of curiosity, I searched online to see how many calories was in the food I mindlessly ate. The menus at the restaurant didn't have the caloric values listed on them. And for good reason...

Salad: 1,121 calories
Fries: 520 calories
Drink: N/A (but I'm going to estimate and say that it was 500 calories)

Oh. My. God.

I knew the fries weren't healthy, but it honestly should be a crime to eat a salad that has more than 1,000 calories. (At least I didn't eat the croutons.) Looking at the menu, I can see that the restaurant does have options that are not as calorie-whopping as the salad, but I probably won't go there to eat a soup when the restaurant offers burgers and steaks. They also have salads that are under 500 calories, but I'm allergic to nuts.

Even though I ate only half, I think I easily packed in more than 1,000 calories in one sitting yesterday!

Pickled pineapple, anyone?

Barb the French Bean (who is probably going to fast today)

Disclaimer: in case you are curious, the nutritional info is available here.


  1. Don't worry, Pancake. I might write a review about it. ^.^

    -French Bean

  2. Well, to be honest, I'm not surprised. The news is always warning about calorie counts with salads and such in restaurants.

  3. I know, but I thought it would have been a healthier option.

    Had I know I would scarfing down so many calories, I would have gone to a fast food joint instead. --.--"

    -French Bean

  4. *has a Kim Kardashian hotness goal since saw the pics of her wearing that pink salmon bikini on a yacht*

    But, not with boobs that big.


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