Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Date Me, Please

[Note: I am not seeking a date and I am certainly not desperate for one either. So do not ask me :p]

Lately, I have been noticing how many people are single. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I for one am single, but it has come to the point where people do a million things to find their "soulmate". Some go on eharmony, others put ads on newspapers, and many go to the grocery store to "bump" into someone who has potential to be the "one". I have seen many different attempts by singles to try to find their certain someone, so you can imagine how shocked I was when I noticed this in today's news: date my son.

A mother in search for the perfect girl to date her son, started a site just for him. Now sure there is nothing wrong with wanting to help your son find the "one", but I have never seen it on the news, especially when it came to be about a 31 year old man.

So reading this gave me the idea of what my "date me" ad would look like, if I ever decided to put one up....

(which I wouldn't...hopefully).

Of course, I see nothing wrong with online dating and all the other different methods, but it is certainly not something I would try.

(You have to be brave to do so, and I for one am not).

-Hanny the coffee bean


  1. Why young? Get in good with an "experienced" fellow, weasel your way into his will... erm, I mean heart. Totally meant heart. And spend your inheritance on whatever your heart desires, all with the peace of mind that your certain special someone just wanted you to be happy.

  2. Wow. I wonder how that guy feels having this all over the news and the kind of jokes his friends must be making. I feel for him.

  3. That poor man! What was his mother thinking?

    As for the online dating, I don't think you have to be any more brave to do it. It takes alot of courage to walk up to someone you don't know, in public and introduce yourself. Whereas online, you talk before meeting which takes out some of the fear.

  4. Man, poor guy! Sounds like his mom is the one who needs help if she spends all her time worrying about her son's dating life. Love your blog!

  5. i think add like that would scare me away from a guy (was his name norman btw?)

    as for your mock up add... a fun follow up blog would be to run the add and show us some of the replys you get sent ;-)

  6. haha Rachel, if I get an experienced guy he will know I am after his money, but if i go for a young one they are too naive to even know that I am after their money *cough* i mean love...

    Widow: I really do not remember if his name was Norman, I would have to read the article again.
    And that sounds like a great idea!! I might just take that into consideration.

    But yes poor guy...31 and he has his mother putting up a site to get him females.

    Coffee Bean

  7. I had a comment but Legacy's has knocked it out of my head!

    Oh here it is, I looked at eharmony now its in the UK, it was research honest for a writing project. Having browsed about I think I might try it if I'm single again.

  8. ROFL, Legacy! ^.^ All right, we'll stop...for now.

    Being single, I would take up the offer of checking out eharmony, but I'm really not interested on focusing on someone else for now. I need to put myself first before I feel ready to love anyone new. --.--

    -French Bean


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