Thursday, July 8, 2010

Love at First Shuttle?

I came to the conclusion that either there is something wrong with me or I attract unfortunate events. Just when you think everything is going well, things start turning out for the worst.

My day started with the same routine-getting out of bed, getting dressed, spending an hour in the bathroom beautifying myself, and running to the shuttle like a mad woman on fire. When I got on the shuttle, I suddenly had this guy wave at me. At first I thought I knew him, but he did not look familiar at all, and so I sat down two seats away from him. He kept glancing at me, but I kept my eyes on the floor. This guy did not wave at the other people getting on the bus; instead he looked around the bus and once in a while looked at me. Now I would be freaked out by this if it was someone who did not attract me, but something about him made me smile inside...

It was love at first shuttle.

As I observed him, I started to look at each detail of his presence. From the converse shoes to his straight dark brown hair, it was as if I was looking at a magazine model.

Finally after being on cloud nine for a while, the shuttle came to a halt. As I glanced at the guy again, I made my way out the door and went towards one of the buildings. Not noticing who was behind me, I opened the door, but as soon as I did, someone reached from behind to hold it open; it was the guy. I looked back to say thank you, and there my eyes caught his blue-green eyes....

...It was love at first door opening.

After that we parted ways, but I could not keep my eyes off of him as I watched him disappear through the hall.

...It was love at first departure.

I smiled to myself as I entered the girls' bathroom, and ended up stepping on a puddle of toilet water. Of course, I did not notice till the water started to seep into my shoes soaking my feet. After, trying to dry my feet off, I went to get some food before I headed to class. I decided to get something simple and small, so I got myself a nice chicken ranch panini. I took a seat at a nearby table, and as I took my first bite of the panini, I felt pain.

For months, I have had my wisdom tooth in the process of coming out, but I never felt any discomfort till now. I kept trying to eat, but the more I chewed on my food, the more my sharp, pointy wisdom tooth would hurt my gum. It was as if my wisdom tooth did not want me to eat, and though I had eaten all of my food, it still felt like my wisdom tooth won by irritating my gum.

Things were not that bad, but how many times do you step on toilet water? It's a rarity where I come from. As for the handsome guy from the shuttle, I do not believe I will ever see him again, but a girl can dream.

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. Wow. I really hope you bump into that guy again...

    Is your tooth feeling better? Have you gone to the dentist yet?

    -French Bean

  2. Enjoyed the story. Engaging writing style.

    Check me out:

  3. Definitely enjoyed the story! Great illustrations to go with it. But the puddle of water would really annoy the heck out of me.

  4. I've always questioned why they are called wisdom teeth. It does not seem very wise to me to course pain to your owner so you get pulled out and thrown away with out a mouth to call home.

  5. I love a good love story, maybe he will buy and ad and put it on the bus with his phone number waiting for you to call and you will meet, fall more in love, get married, and ride away on the shuttle.... awwww I hear wedding bells in the distance ... sorry just just kidding ! :)


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