Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Conversation: The Bloopers of Blogging

We girls tend to have some interesting exchanges when we chat via Facebook about our blog. Most of them deals with the mishaps we encounter with post ideas and overall technology.

Before you read this, we should inform you a little about the background of this post: we girls have been planning to modify the blog's title logo. Since Barb is a technological dummy, the attempts have been less than successful...

Barb: What did your web designer friend suggest we do?

Hanny: He says that we should make the logo with a transparent background and save it, preferably as a PNG file.

Barb: Okay.

Hanny: Do you want to change the logo, or should we keep the same font?

Barb: Can you take a snapshot of the blog's title and email it to me?

Hanny: Sure. Hold on.

Barb: If you can email me that pic, I could work on the change today.

(I'm probably not going to post something today. I'm not in the mood. --.--)

Hanny: do you want it with the mishaps of two human beans?

I will be posting something ^^ almost done too

Barb: yay!

And sure.

Well, actually, can you make two snapshots?

Hanny: hold on i am going to show you

Barb: Okay.

Hanny: you got mail


(opens Facebook inbox; clicks link; looks at picture)

Hm. I'll see what I can do with this.

Hanny: okay if it doesnt seem to workout let me know maybe i can have buddy help me with it :p

Barb: Okie-dokie.

Also: do you think you could share the snail post on your wall?

It might get people interested.

Two of my friends posted the link on their walls, but it was very late at night. --.--

We only got a handful of visitors.

Hanny: one of my friends posted it too

Barb: Yay!

Hanny: and i will post it, but I want to do so when the title part is complete so that everyone can see the new version.

Since alot of them already saw this layout before, and yet have not subscribed >_< >_>

[I put way too many faces with my sentences :p and there I go again >_<]

Barby question how would you say this "ending with me exploding into millions of pieces" or "ending with my exploding into millions of pieces" hmm maybe i should just change the sentence O.o

[Haha! I don't know why this sentence was giving me such a hard time]

Barb: What's the entire sentence?

Hanny: I think I am just going to change it I do not like the sentence.

Barb: Oh, all righty.

Hanny: However, in Florida weather the body suit would probably end up sufficating me, ending with me exploding into a million pieces.

[If you suffocate, you will explode...that is just as bad as dying and THEN exploding...tsk tsk]

that was the sentence O.o

bleh, it is being rewritten

Barb: Yeah.

I don't see the rapport with suffocation and explosion.

It doesn't really go.

Hanny: haha funny thing about that is that when i say suffocating I mean something completely different.

Barb: However, in the Floridian heat, the body suit would only suffocate me, or cause me to explode into millions of tiny pieces.

[*eyes widen* why didn't I think of that! Er durrrr]

Hanny: oo yay thanks.

Barb: No problem.

(Barb starts trying to make the background transparent and thinks "WTF")

Hanny: lol i completely changed it.

(At this point, Barb is thumping her head against the desk in utter confusion about Paint's mechanics.)

Barb: How would I make the background transparent?

Hanny: you know on paint when you have to do the selection box? to the side you will see two selections it gives you. one is to do transparent and the other is to not do it transparent

[I didn't have to even look at paint for that...I spend way too much of my time on the computer.]
Barb: Let me check it out

Hanny: kk

(Barb is still confused.)

Barb: I...don't see that. o_O

It's to the left hand side of the page that has all the icons, right?

Hanny: yes and then click on the selection square tool, and to the bottom left you will see two figures

(Barb looks at the boxes; she has a revelation.)

Barb: Wait. Do you mean the graph-looking thingy?

Hanny: yes

Barb: Ah.


i've used that before, but I thought that was only for the picture. :-P

Hanny: nope

Barb: --.--

You see why I couldn't do this blog alone? Ugh.

"Uh, der, what's that thingy majigger called? A mouse? That's the strangest mouse I ever done saw!"

Hanny: lol!!!

our chat today has been amusing. The bloopers of blogging

[Light bulb!]

Barb: Yep.

It would make a good conversation post. :-P

Hanny: O.o we should put a bloopers section

[We are genius beans]

Barb: Yes!

Hanny: and that too!

Barb: Do you want to copy and paste it?

Conversation bloopers.

Hanny: sure :p

should I also make a page of it?

Barb: Yeah. Why not?

Hanny: and this post can introduce our new bloopers page?

[Check out the new bloopers page! go all the way up, to your right hand side].

Barb: I've noticed that people don't click on the tabs too much, though.


Hanny: That is because we need to advertise them a bit more.

alright! i posted.

Barb: yayz!

I'm almost done copying and pasting the stuff.

Hanny: ooo ok. are we going to make comments on the end of our sentences?

[Look I made a comment at the end :D]

Barb: I think that would be good.

Hanny: LOL! i was going to make the page "Bloopers" instead I ended up writing "Bloogers"

[another one of our bloopers except it was done on the word blooper. lol]

Barb: Sounds like boogers.

Hanny: I know. I was thinking of that too.

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