Friday, July 2, 2010

I Need a Good Pair of Legs

Or calf muscles.

As part of my quest to lose 40 kilos (88 pounds), I began exercising to some T.V. program to help strengthen and tone my limbs. I admit that the first couple of sessions left me a bit sore but it never was anything serious.

I totally blew it on Wednesday.

Based on the exercise program, I tried to keep in time as the fitness hostess and her amazingly fit dancers started working out their calves. I mimicked the way they stood on their toes and flexed up and down. I tried to ignore the pain that shocked across my legs when I balanced my full weight on my tiptoes. The fitness bitch, with her perfect body and simpering smile, gaily urged me to hold it just a few seconds more. My muscles couldn't take it anymore. As of that moment, they went on strike.

I woke up the following morning with such a stiffness that when I rose from my bed, I nearly crashed to the ground. I've been forcing my legs to go forward even though the rogue calves refuse to do so. If I can describe the actual sensation, it feels a bit like the pain that lingers when your calves get that awful cramp in the middle of the night. That horrible, dreadful pain that wakes you up and then remains for the rest of the day. Only 15 times worse. I limp from my room to the kitchen then back to my room. When I went to bed last night, I had been hoping that my muscles would ease for this morning and that I would be able to walk normally today.

No chance. I've been grounded from my walks for two whole days. I've progressed to popping in some ibuprofen and rubbing some strange Colombian cream that is made from cat's claw (a plant), bear and snake fat.

That was not a joke. This cure-all claims that it not only alleviates muscle injuries but also drafts, flus, sinusitus and bed-wetting kids from their nighttime problems.

If the agony has not subsided by Monday, I think that I may just have to go to the doctor. I pray that I don't have to because I need to keep exercising.

Besides, this cream smells funny...

Barb the French Bean

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