Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Coffee and French Beans's Grand Day Out!

Taking advantage of the rare opportunity of both being in the same town together, our Two Beans decided to meet up for a nice lunch of arepas (though decidedly not the disgusting aniseed ones).

French Bean prepared the white corn flour mix and began frying a few of these bits of culinary heaven until they were a golden brown...

...complete with plenty of melted gouda cheese!

After their stomachs were filled to capacity, they started a conversation:

Barb: "So, what do you wanna do?"

Hanny: "You wanna go to the mall?"

Barb: "Yeah, sure." ^.^

During the journey in Coffee Bean's car, the girls were serenaded by this melody:

At Dolphin Mall, the ultra-trendy stomping grounds for most of Miami's twenty-somethings, the Two Beans found a rather interesting coffee cup:

A few stores later, French Bean saw a want ad for her heart:

She sincerely doubts her Ex will return it to her...

She also got the urge to purchase some high-heeled booties. They are highly impractical for walking in France, but she likes them, dang it.

Since Coffee Bean recently altered her hairstyle, she discovered that her red highlights go well with green. She began her quest to search for a feathery headband that had touches of green.

In a couple of these headband-carrying stores, they continually heard the lyrics "we gon' light it up like it's dy-NO-mite."

As they left the stores, walking past the various window displays, the Two Beans gazed upon this horrible visual scourge:

Yes. Those are indeed Romero Britto suitcases.

Horrified by the shock her system had, French Bean immediately needed to recover with a Cuban cortadito.

Coffee Bean remarks about her amazement of seeing a Latin Grill once again (there is a significant lack of Latin Grill out of the Miami area).

Also in the food area, the girls feasted upon a delectable sight of a strawberry crème mousse parade.

After the much-needed coffee break, the Two Beans continued walking around the mall. All of a sudden, a pair of handsome rogue eyes twinkled in Coffee Bean's direction. A tall, dark-haired gorgeous Italian grasped both of her hands and said, with much conviction, "You have such a cute smile." His strong fingers caressed her blushing cheeks as he questioned her about her age.

The Italian: "How old are you?"

Hanny: "I'm 22."

The Italian: " look 16!"

Hanny: "But I'm not. I'm 22."

His eyes lit up with expectation.

The Italian: "Perfect! Do you have a boyfriend?"

Clinging to her every word, the blue-eyed Italian awaited her response. Hanny, completely hypnotized by his swaying charms, replied "No."

The Italian lips burst out the words "Perfect! Come with me" and led her towards a booth that sold manicure products. Hanny, dismayed, firmly said "no thank you" to him. The Italian then gazed in Barb's direction...and she said "no grazie."

Store after store after store, Coffee Bean tried on thousands of feathered headbands. None would do. Some were simply too ugly to be on her head, or needed to have a loan for a mortgage to finance it.

So, as a way to cheer herself up, she went to...Yogurt Berry!

Even in Yogurt Berry, Taio Cruz kept singing about celebrating and living his life. Like it's dy-NO-mite.

Barb and Hanny

Disclaimer: The Two Beans are obviously not Taio Cruz (the video does not belong to them).


  1. I like your boots. The Italian was mean though.

  2. Thanks, Fizzee.

    You know, this morning I'm wondering what would have been the Italian's sales pitch..."Buy this manicure set and you'll get a boyfriend in no time!"

    -French Bean

  3. I love the boots! Very cute! That was a fun trip to the mall.

  4. Love the boots, like the tune. I wanna celebrate and live my life we gon' light it up like it's dy-NO-mite.

  5. Melody: Thanks very much! ^.^

    Mrs Midnite: That radio has made it very difficult in the Miami vicinity to easily ignore it. Not that it is a bad thing...we gon' it up like it's dy-NO-mite.

    -French Bean

  6. Why do I feel hungry reading this post?


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