Friday, August 13, 2010

The Want Monster Strikes Again!

Remember this fellow?

(If you don't, go here.)

Yesterday, I had lunch at the boy I tutor's home and his mother served some cordon bleu chicken. That is the chicken breast that is breaded and cooked with ham and cheese in the middle. I tasted it and my brain went into Fried Chicken Nirvana. Afterwards, I didn't think much of it.

Until this morning.

Like an addict, the Want Monster has been cursed by craving another hit of Fried Chicken Nirvana and is now plaguing me to go out and buy some. It only takes one bite for the addiction to relapse. His persistence greatly upsets me because he apparently has not gotten the message that I am changing my lifestyle to be healthier. Why can't he crave, say, steamed broccoli instead?

Every time he screams "FRIED CHICKEN!!!!," I drown his voice with a glass of water to kill the appetite. So far, it's working.

Well, lunch time will be here soon. I'll see what will make me say "bon appetit" in a few minutes.


I opted to have a bowl of soup for lunch. The Want Monster eventually shut up afterwards. Then Mom came home with pizza...and I had a couple of slices for dinner (I normally would have eaten four). I find it ironic that just last week, I briefly wanted to eat some pizza and resisted doing so. When you deprive yourself of something you yearn for, you get more pleasure out if it.

Barb the French Bean


  1. Pounding water doesn't make me full. It just makes me pee a lot.

  2. you are a tutor? how cute. Ice cream speaks to me too. But, I hear theres a website of some sort which makes you put in some money (like $10) and if you dont keep up with your weight loss goal they give it to someone you dont like like your ex boyfriends girlfriend, or your evil stepmother. I think that would work actually.

  3. If the water trick fails, try analyzing what it is that your body is craving, specifically. A lot of the time you can solve the problem by eating a healthier alternative that satisfies the craving. For instance, if you crave something sweet, go for juice or a smoothie. If it's salt... um, I can only think of edamame, which are soy beans and use real salt, but in small quantities. But if it's grease, you pretty much just have to cope, I'm afraid. Maybe fill yourself up on whole grains so you don't want greasy snack foods any more. XD

  4. Tricia: I find that water does help, actually. We tend to misinterpret thirst for hunger pangs. But it also makes me urinate quite a bit. Good for the kidneys, you know. ^.^

    Pancake: Heh. Losing money to someone else is a good incentive. However, I keep *no* contact with my Ex. Besides, he would have to take Euros instead of Dollars. :-P

    Zora: I tend to crave refined carbohydrates more than greasy things (fried chicken and arepas are exceptions). I usually find that the cravings disappear after a while. Thanks for the tips! ^.^

    -French Bean

  5. This post is so funny! Now I want some fried chicken.


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