Sunday, August 15, 2010

Barry the Emo Bird

I sometimes wish that I could fly away and give myself a fresh start. But I am not a bird. I can only dream of tasting the freedom of the skies and riding the winds that would carry me far away. But I am a human. I am not a bird.

What I can do is enjoy what I am fortunate to have in my life while envisioning what to make of myself. I control who I am. I become what I believe. I'll find the thing that will help me fly someday.

...Perhaps I have found it. It's a little thing called "hope."

Story behind Barry

I was doing an evening walk around the school when I saw a lone grey bird flitting between the holes in a metal fence. It seemed to be wanting to avoid so it would fly down the fence to distance itself from me. When he saw that I keep walking closer and closer to him, he flew away. I just remember wishing that I could join him in flight.

Barb the French Bean


  1. i envy birds and their ability for flight. i dont envy their even more enhance ability to poop, however.

  2. Lol, Pancake! I don't know if I agree with you...I wouldn't mind using a few heads as target practice. ;-)

    -French Bean

  3. One of my students painted a picture for me and before she started, she asked what I wanted...

    I requested a bird. I've envisioned myself flying for some time.

    It's a lovely painting.

  4. Lovely post, I think we all dream of flying. Have you tired diving, I think rthat is flying underwater!


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