Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Being a student is in no way easy, especially when you are trying to make it on your own. I have been relying on my loans to get me through school and my rent, but because of one mistake during my spring semester, I have now lost the chance of getting a loan from my school.

On top of all that I do not even have a job, but I am looking for one and have probably applied to about 10 different places already.

My financial situation got me to think, what if I were to play the lotto? I see people win all the time! (then again winning the lotto is like getting hit by lightning, and you do not see that often).

I have tried the lotto before, but for some reason this time I feel like I could win (plus I'm desperate). I do not believe in gambling or in winning money by chance, but what do I have to lose except for maybe a dollar? or maybe 10 dollars...

So what do you all think? what is the most desperate way you have tried to make money in time of need?

(Yes that drawing up there is mine...I just used a different program for it).

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. How many teeth do you have in your mouth? If the answer is more than five, I don't think you're qualified to win the lottery.

  2. haha darn maybe I should just pull out all my teeth and just leave five :)

    -Coffee Bean

  3. Also, your age, gender and location comes into play for winning your chances...have you noticed how jackpot winners ALWAYS seem to be these decrepitly old guys who live in backwater towns that NO ONE has heard of?

    Still we both live in the same state. If you want, we could join forces and start a lottery pool between the two of us to increase are odds by 6,900,847:2. If one of us wins, we split the winnings 10/10/80. The 80% is what will be taken away by the taxes. :-P

    -French Bean

  4. Sell all your belongings on the internet?

  5. there's a few places to buy and sell clothing out here in california. i take advantage often but usually when i am really broke I don't have the gas or time to take a risk and drive all the way there to only sale ONE item. Lol



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