Sunday, August 1, 2010

Studying and Frog Legs?!

I hate studying. I hate studying. I hate studying.

Did I mention that I hate studying?

I have one more week to go. One more week for my classes to end and then I get to enjoy two weeks of what is left of my summer. If only I had a clone who would study for me, but if I do not like to study, what makes me think she will? No. I have to finish this on my own.

I have one more week of pain, tears, sweat, mental break downs, stressing out, procrastinating, stabbing my eraser with sharp scissors, rolling around on the floor as a means to escape my studies, pulling my hair out, screaming, panicking, and all the other things I do to escape the dreaded studies.

Do not get me wrong I love to learn. I love to learn about other cultures, about life, and of course anything to do with psychology. I just do not see a point in memorizing a whole bunch of definitions and the process of how everything works.

I suppose I just have to love the subject in order for me to study, but it does not seem to work that way with me. There is something about studying that makes it so dreadful!

But I must.

I must study to get to where I want to be. So for the next week I will most likely not be posting much, but then again do I ever post much?

Now for a random picture of something I hate more than studying.

Gator Tail and Frog Legs. Yuck! I took this picture when I was going to the Miccosukee Area. I remember that when I saw this, I promised to myself that I would never eat chicken tenders in that area, just to be safe. I sure would not like the idea of being fed frog legs by accident.


So besides studying, I hate frog legs.

And Gator Tails.

-Coffee bean


  1. Hehe, I disected a frog in school this year. The frog legs are full of meat! :O I never tasted frog legs, but it looked good. Probably tastes like chicken. And I hate studying too. So sometimes I don't. And I get a really good grade on my tests and exams anyway. And I'm going to be your 50th follower!! Yayyy!! :D Feel free to follow me as well. You comment on my blog pretty often so I'm returning the favor. Thanks!! :D

  2. I have to start studying for this super-hard exam in which only 40% of the people actually pass.

  3. JodieeHeartzYou: I remember dissecting frogs as well. I also dissected a few other critters...

    Ah Yes that's French Bean who comments on your page, but I just checked it out ^^ and thank you so much for becoming our 50th follower!!

    thelayeredpancake: O_o yes you should definitely study and though I do not like studying, I will have to for my finals coming up.

    -Coffee Bean

  4. When I finished college, my dad asked me if I wanted to go to grad school. I instantly blurted out, "Hell no!" in front of my entire family. *^_^*

    Keep in mind that when I was growing up, "crap" was a bad word. Hell was not something to joke about! Ah well, everyone laughed anyway and I turned a lovely shade of red.

  5. I hate it when I'm tricked into eating my age, you can't use the excuse "you won't know if you like it if you don't try it". Newsflash: If you trick me into eating it, I'll just dislike it more than I would have.

    Random fact: I found that if I didn't study back in school, I usually did better. O.o; Except for the really tough subjects which I failed (or almost failed) anyway.


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