Friday, August 27, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: Not a Typical Review

About three weeks ago, I went to see Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Now I must add that I am not at all the most reliable person to come to when needing a review, but I thought that Scott Pilgrim deserved a good, detailed review from me (You know it is good if I am doing a detailed review).

[Me= No Detail]

If you have ever seen the trailer, the movie will look a bit uninteresting, nerdy, silly, mindless, and juvenile, but this movie is not at all what the trailer makes it to be. The movie is full of comic quirks with a twist of old school video gaming. Since the movie is based on the comic book series written by Bryan Lee O'Malley, the director made this movie to have a bit of the comic book feel to it.

Still not interesting enough?

Well the movie also has a great story behind it about a 20 something year old, who falls in love with a girl by the name of Ramona. To get to Ramona's heart, Scott Pilgrim has to defeat her seven evil ex's. As cheesy and cliche as that sounds, it is not at all what I expected it to be. Rather than making it the usual romantic comedy, it has more of a self-discovery concept, but it is put into the film using humor, video games, music, romance, and out of the ordinary, never seen before (at least not by me) visuals.

If that still is not enough....

Did I mention that the movie has insane video game based fights? No? Well it does, and not only that it also has a part where the girls in the movie fight (Guys, I know you would enjoy THAT fight ;-) ). The fighting scenes are epic and the visuals are amazing.

What makes the visuals so amazing?

The effects of course, but what I thought was so amazing about the fighting scenes and a few other scenes was that some of the sounds the actors make in the film actually come up in words.

For example:

The Doorbell

Not only that, but it really gave you a sense that you were playing a video game.

So overall, what do I think about this movie?

It has everything! It is sad, funny, silly, stupid, romantic, crazy, dramatic, and nerdy. For a moment it will suck you in and make you forget about your worries. It will have you clutching onto people from laughing so hard, and it will blow your mind away. Also the movie does have a gay roommate that shares a bed with Scott Pilgrim, a crazy Chinese high school-er with a very interesting name, who is also Scott Pilgrim's girlfriend, an interesting twist to the seven evil ex's, and so much more.

Hanny the coffee bean

(Note: The Scott Pilgrim video is not mine)


  1. I've been waiting to see this film for ages. Ever since I saw the trailer I've been really interested. It's just taking too long to come out in Holland.

  2. I just checked the Dutch cinema site and found that Scott Pilgrim vs The World does not come out here till 2011. 2011?! What the hell are they doing? Re-filming it with a Dutch cast? Are they trying to make me illegally download this movie?

  3. I definitely enjoyed Scott PIlgrim. It took the very over done beaten dead horse of the romantic comedy structure and tweaked it just enough to be an original idea. The movie truly has the perfect mix of action, comic relief and romance to interest a vast array of people.

    I do think it has some aspects that are not for everyone (you need to have a little inner geek in you and I'm sure it helps to have played at least some video games) but for those that are at all interested it's definitely worth the trip to the mutliplex.

  4. *is mesmerized by the doorbell video*

    That sucks for you, Stu. France apparently will show it this year. (At least that gives you an excuse to come to the States.)

    -French Bean

  5. Glad to hear it is worth something. My friend and I were considering seeing it, probably today, but I wasn't sure how to feel about it. I really enjoyed this review. :)


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