Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Things I SHOULD Say, But Never Do

I have a problem, I rarely say what I want to say. Instead of saying what I'm thinking or feeling, I say something completely different.

(Btw, some dialogues may be switched around )

I should really learn how to use my words and not just keep everything in thought...

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. I'm the worst at being able to say, "I'm upset with you." Not because of any fear of confrontation, but because I always feel like maybe what I feel is unnecessary. *shrug*

    We'll both work on it.


  2. Amen......Damn the repression and politeness!

  3. Very true! Particularly when I'm angry with a friend, but can't bring myself to broach the subject because of trying to avoid a confrontation...

  4. HAHA the most awkward one is when someone wants to wear the same thing and look like twins!
    I think you need to know how to distinguish when being honest may hurt the other person's feelings, and when it may not be a big deal. It might not be a good idea to tell someone their partner isn't cute, but you could always tell them you're not in the mood for chili's or more of an insider than an outsider..

  5. I have students that are the exact opposite of you. They'll say whatever they're thinking whenever they want, politeness or appropriateness be damned. I think it's good to be nice enough not to say everything you think.

  6. Ah, I think we all need a lesson in speaking our minds. (And I love your new style of cartooning!)

  7. Lorraine: I'm the same way...Hopefully we'll get it right.

    CrazyCris: It always seems to be the case :/

    Jnana: True true. It is awkward I had to tell one of my friends that...she understood lol

    Brent: I agree it's nice, but at the same time it has caused a lot of issues with people around me :/

    Barb: Thank you!


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