Thursday, September 9, 2010

Flaw Free

Looking at the mirror, I realize there are plenty of things I do not like about myself. Though I tend to attract much attention from the opposite sex, I am far from being perfect. In my realization of imperfections, I started to notice that I was not the only one with a much hated flaw. Not only was I hearing it from people, but I was also seeing it on commercials (you know the acne creams, the wrinkle creams, the cream for people balding etc...). Inspired by the many commercials, I came up with yet another commercial video...

Good thing I don't sell products, no one would be able to afford it.

-Hanny the coffee bean


  1. Haha! The happy music made me smile :-)

  2. Does it come with a money-back guarantee?

    -French Bean

  3. Eden: I'm glad it did!

    ha! it doesn't even have a money-back guarantee since no one would be able to afford it with this economy :p

    -Coffee bean

  4. LOL, I love your commercials, Coffee Bean!

  5. Awesome... if only I had that much money. :)

  6. I'm in. Where do I enter my credit card information? Do you accept paypal?

  7. um, i will take two please. i sold a kidney on the black market so i CAN afford it :P
    also, the scaaaaary music at the beginning almost made me pee... but maybe that's because i only have one kidney now?!

  8. That was a pretty amusing video. I'd buy that if I had like a gazillion dollars. It would sooo be worth it. I would be thin and beautiful and my fiancee would have a six pack abs. Oh man would life be awesome.

  9. Hehe. The webbed feet one made me laugh so much. It was the timing of the music when they got revealed. Very horror movie-ish. And I agree that the happy music was great too.

  10. If I rub it on my head, will it make the white bits go back to black?

  11. now if only you can invent a flaw-free for those pesky character flaws......

  12. Delphine: Merci Beaucoup ^_^

    Diane: I wish I had that much money...

    Jaime: LOL! we accept everything except monopoly money :p

    Jess: Lmao! sorry about the creepy music.

    MissMisery: I agree life would be awesome, if we could give normal guys six abs :D

    Invader Stu: Thanks! ^^

    fizzee rascal: Anything you find a flaw will be flaw free (so yes, it probably would)

    karen: hmmm not such a bad idea...

    -Coffee Bean

  13. I want some, I want some. Not for me, I'm good but I know some people!


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