Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ok Cupid, Leave Me Alone!

If you have ever read my post, Date Me, Please then you are aware that I have never been on a dating site or so I thought...

As you may all be quite aware, I am single. I have no problem with being single, but I do like the idea of having someone to care for. I really have not considered dating anyone since my ex-boyfriend, and I still seem to be having a little bit of difficulty adjusting to the fact that he is not in my life anymore.
Anyways a while back before my ex-boyfriend, I had enrolled myself into a dating site called 'OkCupid' (before it became popular) and though I did it for fun, I could not help to wonder if maybe I would find someone. It never happened...

Fast forward to 5 years later (Where I also ended up with some fake amnesia and completely forgot that I had a dating online profile!)...

I'm sitting at my desk checking my 7 email accounts (yes, I have 7 or well had), and since I tend to read everything quickly, I had never noticed the massive amount of OkCupid emails until now. Ever since I got a new phone, I have been on top of all my emails (especially with the massive notifications I get) and I have noticed that most of my emails come from OkCupid.

Trust me there is plenty more in my inbox, and some are rather interesting. Take the bottom picture for example. I thought it was interesting to get a message from Ok Cupid telling me how 'good looking' I am.

Well curiosity took its course and I ended up signing on to my profile only to find that my inbox was full of messages. Of course I had opened most of them before I decided to take a screen shot of them, and trust me the screen shot cannot show all the funny comments I had gotten. "Hey gurl, I thinx u hawt, cum chatz with a me or callzzz ###-###-####"

I find it amusing that most of them either have a butt face (A.K.A surprised face) or a very interesting name (Yeah I'm talking about you Lemur Guy), but either way no one can compare to my egg man. El Hombre Huevo! (Egg Man).

-Hanny the coffee bean

Side Note: Yes I did think about unsubcribing and deleting the account, but I seem to be having fun with it. So even though the messages still bother me, it is always fun to see the various ways people try to hit on you with one of the many cheesy lines many tend to use.

Random side note: Everytime I say Hombre Huevo, I end up singing the batman theme song at the end of it. Just take out the word Batman and replace it with Hombre Huevo.


  1. Mwah ha ha!!!!! I'll give you my voodoo doll for finding the man of your dreams that I blogged about yesterday! :)

  2. Heh. I had to laugh at the "go ask an ugly friend and see" comment. :-P That's just terrible.

    -Barb the French Bean

  3. Not sure if it is the same on OK Cupid, but on Lavalife, suckers would have to pay to send email. So that means the guys messaging you with a combo vocab of lol-speak & douchebaggery have PAID to do so.

    I think it makes it worse, doesn't it?

    p.s. I can be your ugly friend.

  4. "Go ask an ugly friend and see"?? is this for real. good job in being among 1/2 the good lookers.

  5. Oh my gosh this is awesome! I was once on Ok Cupid, yeah keyword once. It is humoristic ~*not a word*~ though to see what guys will do to get your attention, even in the virtual world, uh yup even that.

  6. Have you ever tried Plenty of Fish? It's even worse. I don't think any guys on there can speak real English or type a complete sentence, much less the word you. "Hay, what up u wanna chill wid me sumtyme yoo is hot moma what i goda do to git wid u!"

  7. From the perspective of the opposite sex I can tell you that it's pretty much the same thing. Either I am uninterested, or they can't type worth a damn and thus again am uninterested.

    Goes for OKC and PlentyofFish.

  8. It is really funny to hear what people have to say when they hit on you. Especially the ones that can't spell English right, can you imagine them actually talking like that? hahaha, I try and I laugh out loud because they look so dumb in my mind.

  9. Wow. Is that site for real? I can understand lots of creepy guys sending messages, that happens every where on the internet but the site itself telling you to ask you 'ugly' friends if they got featured. That just makes the site itself kind of creepy to.

    Anyway, who cares if a stupid webiste says they are good looking or not. It's not... as... if... Huh. I've never got an email from OkCupid telling me I'm good looking. OH GOD! NOOO!!!!!


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