Sunday, September 19, 2010

Help Me Make Over My Room

As of now my room has nothing on the walls, the bedsheets and curtains are blue, and it feels like I'm in a dungeon. I have been cleaning my room trying to make it look somewhat nice, but to my disappointment it has been quite useless. So I came to the conclusion that my room needs a makeover, but seeing as I am still very unemployed, I cannot spend much on decorations, and to my misfortune my brain is in dire need of creative ideas. Now I know I want to put multiple photos up on the wall (I love photography), but I am not quite sure what would be a unique way of putting them up without spending too much money.

Yes, I have tried Google, but it seems to not like me at all. So my dear fellow readers, do any of you have any cheap ideas you could share with me?

Thank you in advance,

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. Well you can make your own art and post it.

    I am not sure if they had their kids make the art, but I liked it.

    This had some good ideas too I thought.

    Happy decorating!

  2. Ikea has lots of cool ideas. Also if you wanted a total change, you could paint the walls a different color.

    OR you could take your own photos, and blow them up at Target and hang them on your walls.

    I'm going through the same thing, haha.

  3. Well, maybe you could draw the blinds? That's definitely a cheap way to change a room. :-P

    -French Bean

  4. Color on post-its and put them everywhere! Yellow goes with blue. If you aren't into the Swedish color scheme thing, you can get different colored post-its. Or get a few different colors and make a post-it mural!

  5. A really big Twilight poster


  6. BeMistified: I really like the picture, I was also thinking of doing something like that, of making my own art. I just do not know what I should draw...(I don't really want stick figures on my wall :P )

    Sotepop: I love Ikea, but its not that cheap :/ and I never really thought about blowing up pictures at Target hmmm.

    French: LOL! :D

    Amy: Now that is very interesting! I do like post-its ^_^

    Invader Stu: *squeeeee* I wouldn't mind, but I kind of got over the phase hehe

    Thank you guys for the ideas, keep them coming please.

    Hanny the coffee bean

  7. I have lots of pictures on my hall wall in a diamond pattern, they are framed but I just kept buying the occasional frame when I saw one I liked. None are expensive and all are different. It looks really good and I can change the pictures when I fancy.

  8. they have those cool wall decals that you just peel and stick. you can pick them up at a craft store, target etc. also? YARD SALES! you can get cool frames/pictures/paintings etc. make sure you post pictures once you snaz things up

  9. I really huge picture of me.

  10. Mrs. Midnite: different frames? diamond shaped? I like what I am reading. That is very interesting, and I do love different types of frames...hmm.

    Jess: I've been trying to look for Yard sales, I love them, but the ones around here aren't all that great unfortunately :/

    Amber: LOL! :D I think people would ask me who you are and kind of find it weird :p

    Thanks for your input everyone ^_^
    feel free to add some more ideas!


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