Friday, September 24, 2010

Shallow Hal: My Thoughts


Recently, I re-watched the movie Shallow Hal , which is about a guy who would only go after very pretty girls until he was hypnotized into believing that the "ugly girls" were amazingly hot. Well if you have ever seen Shallow Hal it ends on a good note, where he realizes that the person he thought was hot and thin is actually beautiful and fat.

Though I love the moral of the movie, it also shows the reality that we live in. I am referring to the millions of commercials, billboards, and advertisements showing really thin women with big boobs and big butts or really buffed men with a very sexy six pack. Of course there is nothing wrong with looking and thinking that someone is handsome or beautiful, but there is something wrong when we judge a person by their appearance.

(of course we do not want to end up with someone with bad hygiene)

But even though that certain person may be clean, we never end up noticing how much of a wonderful person they are inside and thus we pass up an opportunity that may have been worth it. It is true that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", but lately it feels like many people expect for their girlfriends/boyfriends to look like the models in the magazines.

Naturally we want what we cannot have and we always end up thinking that if we had it, we would want nothing else, but that is FAR from the truth. We merely pay attention as to how ungrateful some of us can be.

Like Hal, I am as well a bit shallow, but looking back at everyone I have ever dated, it makes me think that maybe I am not at all shallow. I will admit I am guilty of wanting someone that was on a billboard even though I did not know him, but in the end it is personality that wins me over. Again, if you take a look at my ex's you will see that I've dated a bunch of clowns, literally. One had puffy red hair, another had crazy teeth, and the other one had big feet for his really thin figure and even with those flaws I still went out with them.

Even so, there are a few who are not appealing to us who lack personality, but then there are those who are not appealing with a very charming personality. All I am saying is that we should truly see the beauty that lies beneath the appearance because eventually that person is going to grow old and saggy (I'm sorry, I'm such a bratty youngin'), and they will not have the same six pack or the firm, barbie-like body (Fuck Barbie dolls), but they will most likely have the charm that drew you to them in the beginning (unless they somehow got possessed).

So remember "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and hopefully that beauty will be a bitch and bite you right in the ass...

because true beauty is not in the appearance, but on the inside.

(I know difficult, especially since I love a good pair of eyes! but I'll easily get repelled if he is an asshole).

Hanny the Coffee Bean

(note: the Shallow Hal video is not mine)


  1. I find that the funnier a guy is, the sexier he becomes in my eyes. So I'd date the buffoon who makes me laugh before I'd date the hot guy with the personality of a dish towel - ANY day of the week! :)

  2. Well said :)

    Have you ever seen the South Park episode The List. They make a similar point when the all the boys of South Park discover that the girls have a list rating them.

  3. You know, I didn't like that movie. I dunno just not my style I suppose. I am not one to actually look at looks. If the humor is right and the personality is awesome, I am good. Those two don't come together in a man very often. ~*sigh*~

  4. I'm lucky, Mr Midnite is hot, sexy, has a great personality and sense of humour. Wow I am lucky might need to lock him in a cupboard in case someone steals him.

  5. I love this post. I agree with you SO much. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If someone you know has a great personality, then they will become more attractive in your eyes.

    Also, the magazine boobs/butt are hilarious. I LOL'd.

  6. iv never really been one to date some one based on looks... dont know if its just a matter of the folk im coming into contact with lately or not but noticed this "shallow" trend seems to be getting more and more wide spread.. including not only looks but economic status.. its a shame that so many are "missing" out on a "real" relationship because of this shallowness

  7. Tricia: Same here, I love a guy with a good humor.

    Invader Stu: I believe I saw that, but I don't remember it too well. I'll have to re-watch it.

    BeMistified: Sad, but true...:/ I have yet to meet someone who has those two qualities.

    Mrs. Midnite: That is so great! and yes I think you should hide him from home wreckers.

    Emily: Thank you!

    the widow: It is a shame...I keep coming in contact with alot of them and it is very sad to see how they drool over someone who will eventually lose their looks and money.

    -Coffee Bean

  8. I get this post: my ex husband was a pretty asshole...notice the use of the word 'ex.'
    Very insightful post. Too bad I'm just as shallow as the next person and do love me a good designer label because it makes me feel puuurtier...pooey on me!


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