Monday, September 6, 2010

The Weather's Taunting Me

More often than not, I awake to a sky that beckons me with its promising blue skies. The inviting light of this sky urges me to join it quickly and deliberately lulls me into believing that a wonderful day is in store for me!

There is no use reasoning with me once I am duped into thinking that not a single drop of rain could possibly fall from the heavens. I only reflect on how "difficult" it would be to spend my time walking around with my cumbersome Umbrella. Plus, the Umbrella in question is covered with multi-colored polka dots. Très chic, non? But it simply would not go with what I have chosen to wear. The Umbrella has to stay behind.

I do not heed my Umbrella's sage advice. I only think of the present. I happily skip outside. I enter into this carefree state of sunshine nirvana. I come alive as I bask in the glowing rays of the warm golden orb. Nothing could possibly ruin my day.

Yet, more often than not, this state of elation brusquely alters in a split second. The Weather takes advantage of the absence of my Umbrella to teach me a lesson.

Each drop that pelts upon my skin feels like a poignant dart of embarrassment! Thousands of wet bullets pound down on me as I screech hysterically like a mating cat and dash for shelter. My hands cover my hair to offer what little protection they can; it is futile because it doesn't do much. My once-bouncy curls now lay matted and plastered to my forehead. I am forced to return home.

Well-played, Rain. Well-played indeed.

Lesson learned: ALWAYS listen to your Umbrella.

Barb the French


  1. i enjoyed your post...


    reminds me when i used to work. i always rode public transportation and i learned also to always bring an umbrella

  2. "Alright, everyone! We're going to the beach!"


    "...I promise, it won't be raining when we get there..."

    I actually take my umbrella with me as a charm against it raining. It usually works. And then there are the days I forget to bring it.

  3. ha ha!! you my dear blog friend are simply hilarious. absurd and hilarious :). I was hooked from the beginning of this story to the end. lOl I think your umbrella also is a bit rude maybe you should talk to him about his behavior. We can not have our umbrellas back talking us. Next they will be demanding equality and rights. haha


    thanks for brightening my late night early morning blog surfing.

  4. Good for you for not giving in to that mean umbrella. He deserved to stay home!

  5. It's a trick, because if you WOULD have taken the umbrella, it never would've rained. Then you'd be the moron carrying an umbrella in the sunshine. :)

  6. Hotcakes: I learned that habit as well when I rode the buses in Dijon; I've lost it since I've been in Miami for a few months. :-P

    Zora: ^.^ I admit that moment helped inspired the ending of this post. I was "stuck" for a certain point and then, BAM!

    Savedthrulove: You're welcome. :-)

    Tracey: Yes, but at the cost of me getting soaked...

    Tricia: I know, right? But then, when I DON'T take it, it rains! Lose/lose situation.

    -French Bean


    I once trusted my umbrella and people ended up dead. I believe Hitler also listened to his umbrella.

    I don't know.....did I go too far?

  8. Umbrellas LIE, just like weathermen.

    What I remember about living in Florida is that it rains EVERY day, but just for a few minutes and an hour later you would never know it had. The ground soaks up all the water and the sun is just as brilliant as ever.

  9. Amber: Well, I won't sugarcoat it. I think you did.

    But if you're claiming that Hitler's Umbrella inspired Mein Kamph, history might have to be revised a bit to make it seem that Hilter was victim of a manipulating inanimate object and wasn't at fault for this actions (which obviously was NOT the case). :-P

    Mustang Sally: Yep! Tell me about it...that's the weather I get during the WHOLE summer here!

    -French Bean

  10. And never wear shorts. that's a similar lesson I also learned the hard way when I thought it would not rain.

  11. Hello. Haahahahahaha!! That was a fun post. I enjoyed it. Darn sassy umbrellas. But he was right though


  12. Wow, your blog's soooo cool!

    I enjoyed the post very much! Funny! But isn't this what happens to all of us? I mean, when I'm taking an umbrella with me, it NEVER rains. When I leave it at home, it's DEFINITELY going to rain... How can this be?

    Thanks for the comment by the way, was very nice. ;)

    Love, Cay, the new follower of yours

  13. This is why I got myself a very expensive pretty Coach umbrella. I WANT to carry it around then. lol
    Because this scneario happened one too many times! grrr


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