Sunday, September 12, 2010

How Ninja Squirrel Forages for the Winter

Don't mess with Ninja Squirrel when he's hungry.

Barb the French Bean


  1. Ninja Squirrel is a dangerous foe indeed. I hope I never get between him and his nuts (I did not intend for that to sound rude).

  2. AHAHAHA. ADORABLE. I love that! I'll have to do a companion post about how squirrels f'in love me.

  3. Love it, more Ninja Squirrel please.

  4. i can't wait to meet a dangerous/ninja squirrel.

  5. Hehe, don't mess with the ninja squirrel!

  6. I think I saw ninja squirrel on my way home the other day. He stood in the road in front of my car, on his hind legs (like a friggin prairie dog) and just stared me "BRING IT!"

    I actually had to come to a complete stop and WAIT for him to decide he was ready to go somewhere else.

  7. That ninja squirrel is an ass kicker I tell ya'.

  8. I wonder if Ninja Squirrel will go do something awful to her unconscious open mouth.

    (Hey, this comment is no worse than Invader Stu getting between his nuts!)


    I just finally figured out the two beans are separate people. My goodness I am so slow sometimes.

  9. You have combined my two fave things! Ninjas and Squirrels! :D yay.. wow that's almost a terminator squirrel..

  10. Stu: Ha. Suuuuuuuuure you didn't. Well, the obvious nut joke was arguably the 800-pound gorilla in the room.

    Kate: I can't wait to see it! :-D

    Mrs Midnite and Fizzee: all in due time, my dears. ^.^

    Tricia: That once happened to my Ex. He was driving and suddenly slammed the brakes to avoid running over a Ninja Squirrel. I think squirrels get a sense of power out of knowing they have the ability to stop something as a large as a car.

    Annah: Indeed he is. ^.^

    StephanieC: Lol! Don't worry, my dear. Some people have come to our blog thinking it involves recipes.

    Sarcasm Fairy: Yep! Ninja Squirrel is *not* meant to be taken lightly. ;-)

    -French Bean

  11. Nothing is finer than a ninja squirrel!

    Love it Barb!!

  12. Hahahaha. Lol. That was funny and cute. Wow. That poor girl never stood a chance. Oh well, I hope she's not anti-squirrel now. I know they're not all like that.


  13. ninja squirrels should give the non-ninja squirrels some lessons on avoiding cars!

  14. damn i didnt realise id missed so many blogs since my last wander through ... and there iv went and missed out on all the fun cartoons here ;-)
    i can give ninja squirrel a few ideas on where to hunt fer nuts next time hes feeling violent ;-)

  15. We actually have a pack of ninja squirrels where we live. I think they're planning to abduct my chihuahua. I don't trust their twitchy tails. Came over from Blogfrog and love the humor and toons. Will be back! (We have toons on our blog too, so we appreciate that sort of thing!)


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