Saturday, September 4, 2010

Parasitic Cuckoo Birds and People

About a month ago, I was sitting in my Biology class falling asleep. I tried to pay attention to what was being said, but it was no use my eyes felt heavy and my mind was having trouble keeping focus.

As I was slowly drifting into sleep, I heard the professor say something very interesting that kept me alert throughout the whole class.

The parasitic cuckoo bird lays its egg in other bird nests, and leaves. When the baby cuckoo bird is born it tends to kick the other birds off the nests (sometimes the cuckoo's mother does this before leaving the egg in the nest). So when the other bird arrives to the nest, it will feed the cuckoo thinking it is her baby.

Very messed up.

This is why it is called a parasitic cuckoo.

Like the animal world, people have the same problem. Sure, we do not necessarily leave babies in other people's homes and throw their baby away, but people can be parasitic in many different ways.


The "newbie" co-worker: You have been in a job for about 2-10 years and have been working your butt off for a promotion. The "newbie" co-worker enters the company and in less than 2 months of working there, he/she gets the promotion you have been working your butt off to get (which has probably taken you months of stress).

Job = nest

"Newbie" co-worker = parasitic cuckoo bird, who has taken the promotion you have worked your butt off for months.

You = The other bird, who has been pushed out of a promotion.


Anyone who takes credit for something you did: Lets say you did something nice for someone and though you might not be seeking praise for it, someone else takes credit for it. This also applies to doing an excellent job at work, but someone else took the credit for the amazing job.

Whatever good you did/credit=

Anyone/Someone else=
Parasitic cuckoo bird, who took the credit.

The other bird, who was pushed out of getting credit.

(You get the need for a video)


The other woman/man: You are married or have a boyfriend/girlfriend, but you end up getting cheated on with another woman/man.

The family/boyfriend/girlfriend = nest

The other woman/man = parasitic cuckoo bird, who gets to your nest and kicks you out. Making the nest hers/his.

You = The other bird who ends up getting cheated on, divorced, or in most cases kicked out of the house.

Example: Diary of a Mad Black Woman

There are millions of other areas in which people can be parasitic, but these are just a few most notable situations. So as you can see the Parasitic Cuckoo bird and people can be quite similar.

Hanny the coffee bird bean


  1. ROFL!!! So wrong, yet so true...

    I especially laughed during the lively piano music that was used to mark the change of scene. I found myself singing "Pa-ra-si-tic Cuc-koo Birds" aloud in time with the music. :-P

    -French Bean

  2. My little dog just got a big fright when your music kicked in. Love the video. I know many parasitic cuckoo birds!

  3. I wish blogger had an emoticon for p.m.p.l. (peed my pants laughing). :)

    I love how you've transited your cartoons into video. Great stuff.

    And it is amazing, the similarities between the animal and human world. ;)

  4. 'Parasitic' would be an understatement for some people. ;P

    However, there are many good people out there. You just need to dump the bad ones first.

    Easier said than done, I know, haha.

  5. Mrs Midnite: Lol! I didn't mean to scare your dog :D

    Karen: I wish it had an emoticon for everything and thank you!

    Randall: I agree there is many good people out there as well as good birds, but as I said the parasitic cuckoo birds/people can trick/harm the good person, which is quite sad.

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